Rehabilitative opportunities

Recently reading a critical appraisal of some of the predictable shortcomings of the government’s Transformation Rehabilitation...

5 September 2017

A face from the past

I recently read an article on current best practice in the delivery of domestic abuse programmes for men under supervision in the...

3 July 2017

Acting up

Reading Julia Warrener's lively and accessible critique of Personality Disorder, I was put in mind of my work with Lindsay (not his real name) while I was a Probation Officer. Lindsay's flamboyant...

7 June 2017

Holding fast to what probation is all about

While reading Richard Posner's insightful perspectives, How Judges Think, on judicial decision-making in the US, I experienced a flashback moment of a salutary episode near the start of...

2 May 2017

Weighing up compliance

I recently read Rob Canton’s contribution to the realities of probation practice in an excellent collection of essays, Probation and Politics, Academic Reflections from Former Practitioners....

2 March 2017

Out of sight and out of mind

I recently read Michael Rowe's finely calibrated ethnography, Crossing the Border: Encounters Between Homeless People and Outreach Worker. It reminded me of my 'messy' professional...
6 February 2017

Never stop listening

Whilst reading Philip Whitehead's scholarly analysis, Transforming probation. Social theories and the criminal justice system, of the 'injudicious' politics of modernisation in probation...

4 January 2017

The double standards in probation

This month, my reflection is a departure from my regular offender-based narratives, because after reading Michael W Clune's gripping...

2 November 2016