On the run from justice

Having just read Alice Hoffman's poignant account of what being on the 'wrong side of the law' is like in inner-city Philadelphia, ...

2 July 2014

Believing in someone

I read with considerable interest the recent legislative changes outlined in the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014 to...

3 April 2014

Risky and fundamentally misguided

I won't forget 19 September 2013 in a hurry. Though it was my daughter's birthday, that's not the reason.

My mind was focused on the heavily predicted, but no less shocking,...

24 September 2013

The great probation sell-off

Today marks the next stage in the Transforming Rehabilitation programme, with the launch of the competition to deliver the bulk of probation work in England and Wales.


19 September 2013

Transforming Rehabilitation: five questions

On January 9 the Ministry of Justice published Transforming Rehabilitation, its latest plans for the management of convicted lawbreakers in the community. The proposals can be...

10 January 2013

Community Sentences Digest (2nd edition)

Community Sentences Digest highlights that in 2007, 162,648 people started court orders in the community, the highest ever recorded number. It represents a 36 per cent increase in the decade since...
25 November 2008

Prison and probation expenditure, 1999-2009

Spending on the prison and probation system in England and Wales has grown by 36 per cent in real terms since 2004 despite a major reorganisation that was meant to save money, a report from the...
16 July 2010