Transforming Rehabilitation: five questions

On January 9 the Ministry of Justice published Transforming Rehabilitation, its latest plans for the management of convicted lawbreakers in the community. The proposals can be...

Richard Garside
10 January 2013

Criminal justice resources staffing and workloads: An initial assessment

This initial assessment of criminal justice resources, staffing and workloads was carried out during October and November 2008 by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies for a group of professional bodies and trade unions representing those who work in the criminal justice system. Those bodies are...
Richard Garside and Nick Groombridge
4 December 2008

Community Sentences Digest (2nd edition)

Community Sentences Digest highlights that in 2007, 162,648 people started court orders in the community, the highest ever recorded number. It represents a 36 per cent increase in the decade since 1997. The orders include both community sentences and Suspended Sentence Orders. The report states: '...
Enver Solomon and Arianna Silvestri
25 November 2008

Prison and probation expenditure, 1999-2009

Spending on the prison and probation system in England and Wales has grown by 36 per cent in real terms since 2004 despite a major reorganisation that was meant to save money, a report from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies has found. Prison and probation expenditure 1999 - 2009 found that...
Helen Mills, Arianna Silvestri and Dr Roger Grimshaw with Felicia Silberhorn-Armantrading
16 July 2010