Joint letter in The Observer to David Gauke

The Centre's director, Richard Garside, is co-signatory of a letter to Minister of Justice David Gauke. 

The letter, mentioned in the weekend's Observer, expresses concern over the decision to re-let Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) contracts. ...

14 January 2019

Baby steps: Camilla's story

I recently returned to re-reading Edward Bunker's visceral and uncompromisingly powerful memoir of his life, in and out of prison, ...

7 January 2019

The longer term view: Working with Arnie

 Whilst working in a community drug project I remember walking into work one Monday morning and seeing Arnie’s (not his real name) referral paperwork on my desk.

I had not worked long at...

12 October 2018

Recognising a touch of humanity

I recently picked up a 1964 copy of Undertow, by the prominent American educator Helen Parkhurst, a remarkably moving account of the life of a 'juvenile delinquent' called Tony...

1 October 2018

The changing face of probation and keeping in touch

Whilst reading a dusty copy of a probation officer reminiscence, I came across an appealing phrase, 'in the scrapbook of my mind' from the late author and screenwriter Sewell Stokes. Stokes, who...

1 September 2018

Unconventional ways of working

Whilst reading criminologist Rod Earle's lively and critical account of imprisonment drawn in part from his own experience, Convict criminology. Inside and out, I was keenly reminded of...

1 August 2018