Which door you choose to enter is now up to you

Reading Erin Marie Daley's powerful and harrowing account, Generation Rx: A Story of Dope, Death and America's Opiate Crisis about the loss of her younger brother Pat to drug dependency,...

1 June 2018

Double standards of justice

Whilst poring over Caitlin Davies’ eminently readable and lively history of HMP Holloway, Bad Girls A History of Rebels and Renegades, I was put in mind of a supervisory experience which...

1 May 2018

Family ties

Recently, whilst mulling over criminologist David Scott's bracing anthologised abolitionist writings, I remembered a challenging experience whilst working as a probation officer at the outset of what was to become a 20 year stint!

30 March 2018

Powerlessness in the face of negligence

Whilst reading a recent academic contribution by Elizabeth R Turner, on the perennially vexing issue of the role of public confidence in criminal justice policy making, Public Confidence in...
2 March 2018

The benefits of guidance

Andrew Johnson's passionately argued account, If I Give My Soul. Faith Behind Bars in Rio de Janeiro, on the transformative role of faith inside some of Brazil's toughest prisons,...

1 February 2018

Our submission to Transforming Rehabilitation inquiry

Our submission to the House of Commons Justice Committee inquiry into 'Transforming Rehabilitation' has now been published on the Committee's website.

Whatever the government's original intentions, we argue in the submission, the Transforming Rehabilitation programme 'is sabotaging, rather than transforming, probation work across England and Wales'.

Rather than 'attempting to make a badly-designed system work slightly less badly', we...

20 December 2017

Call to end dysfunctional probation privatisation

Richard Garside, Director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies today commented on a damning annual report by the Chief Inspector of Probation, Dame Glenys Stacey.

'None of government’s stated aspirations for Transforming Rehabilitation have been met in any meaningful way', Dame Glenys noted. She went on to question whether the current model for probation can deliver sufficiently well'.

Speaking today, Richard said:

This really

14 December 2017

Our work in the news

We've had a busy few weeks in the media, making interventions on a range of matters, from youth prisons to criminal records, knife violence, to the state of the probation service.

Last week, Richard, our Director, told The Times newspaper (£) that the government should end the 'failed' secure training centres experiment and close...

29 November 2017