A volatile probation relationship

Often when reading criminological tomes, a phrase or reference will leap out from the pages to evoke a memory of past probation practice.

17 September 2020

Memorable speakers from my time in probation

It was whilst poring over the pages of Dan Werb's unsettling book, 'City of Omens', a troubling narrative of femicide on the US/Mexican borderlands, that I recalled a time in my probation career when my role in the union, Napo entrusted me with arranging guest speakers at branch meetings.

5 August 2020

A busy morning in probation

Whilst I was reading Michael Tonry's timely and humane critique of many of the more damaging and unjust policies and practices of punishment and sentencing in the US justice system, a phrase jolted my memory of my time working in probation.

6 July 2020

Tunes from another time

I suppose it was almost inevitable when I was reading a recently published and presciently informed book on risk control in criminal justice, that two pertinent terms in particular, risk and existential uncertainty, resonated most uncomfortably with me in the current all enveloping coronavirus pandemic.

2 May 2020

A life interrupted

Having just read a keenly awaited book that offers a lively and compellingly original scholarly foray into sentencing research, Sentencing: A Social Process: Re-thinking Research and Policy by Cyrus Tata, I was particularly struck by a phrase he used in the book, 'demographic distance’, denoting the experiential and social distance between those caught up in criminal proceedings and the professionals working in the court setting.

1 March 2020

Our Director in Probation Quarterly

Read Richard Garside on accidental liberalism and criminal justice trends

The latest edition of Probation Quarterly features a piece by our Director, Richard Garside, on criminal justice trends in retrospect and their signification of a flawed, accidental and incomplete liberalism. 

Tackling fluctuating police numbers, the dangerous condition of...

10 February 2020

In the news this week

Our Director, Richard Garside, has been quoted in the New York Times and The Times this week.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on London Bridge last week by Usman Khan, The New York Times quoted Richard on sentencing policy. On the controversy surrounding Mr...

3 December 2019