Prison Service Journal

The Prison Service Journal is a peer reviewed journal published by HM Prison Service of England and Wales. Its purpose is to promote discussion on issues related to the work of the Prison Service, the wider criminal justice system and associated fields. It aims to present reliable information and a range of views about these issues.

It is hosted by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies following the re-structure of the Prison Service and the loss of the Prison Service website.

Any queries regarding the PSJ, back issues or editorial articles for forthcoming issues should be sent to The postal address for contact is:

Prison Service Journal
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 This edition offers a collection of articles that all, in their own ways, offer grounds for hope and optimism. 

  • 'Towards ACE-Aware, trauma responsive penal policy and practice' by Jane Mulcahy
  • 'A family oriented intervention for parental substance... Read more

This special edition focuses on rehabilitative culture. Articles include:

  • 'Rehabilitative Culture Part 2: An update on evidence and practice' by Dr Ruth E Mann
  • 'Creating an Enabling Environment' by Dr Jamie Bennett
  • 'May your choices reflect your hopes,... Read more

This is a special edition with the focus on the prison crisis

  • 'Is there a Prison Crisis? Thinking creatively and dialogically about prison’s old and new problems' by co-editors: Dr Anastasia Chamberlen, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick; ... Read more

This edition features a special focus on recovery. 

  • 'Definitions of Recovery' by Dr David Best, Professor of Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University and Michael Wheatley, senior manager and recovery advisor working in HMPPS
  • 'The Role of Trauma-Informed Care in Building Resilience and Recovery' by... Read more

This issue has a focus on prisons, prisoners and their families.

  • 'The Golden Thread? Families, Prisons and Therapeutic Communities' by Lord Farmer of Bishopsgate, City of London is a businessman and Conservative peer
  • '... Read more

This issue includes the following articles:

  • 'Autonomy and exclusion among Danish prisoners in education' by  Anita Holm Riis, University of Aalborg, Denmark
  • 'Within these Walls: Reflections of women in and after prison. An insight into the... Read more

This issue is a special edition, focusing on: The Arts in Prison.

Articles include: 

  • 'Unlocking talent at HMP Leicester' by Kate Herrity, University of Leicester; Simon Bland, resettlement caseworker; Ralph Lubkowski, Governor at HMP Stafford; and... Read more

This issue includes the following articles:

  • 'Family Matters. A critical examination of family visits for imprisoned mothers and their families' by Dr Natalie Booth, De Montfort University.
  • 'A qualitative study of imprisoned fathers: Separation and the impact on... Read more

This special edition focuses on 50 years of the Parole System. Articles include:

  • 'Our Parole Hearing' by Anisha Gadhia and William Aslan 
  • 'Decisions, decisions, decisions: reflections on 50 years of parole' by Dr Roy D King
  • 'Parole – 50 Years and... Read more

The Prison Service Journal has a long-standing partnership with the Perrie Lectures and each year articles are published based upon a theme, this year it was, ‘Tackling Segregation: Can any good come of isolation?’ with the following articles: