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11 May 2021

The latest edition of Prison Service Journal addresses a wide range of issues including: 

18 March 2021

The latest edition of Prison Service Journal gives voice to those responsible for dealing with...

2 February 2021

The latest edition of Prison Service Journal, co-edited by Dr Jamie Bennett and Dr Kate Gooch...

3 November 2020

The latest edition of Prison Service Journal focuses on the specific experiences and challenges...

11 September 2020

On the release of the 250th Prison Service Journal, the issue offers academics the opportunity...

27 April 2020

This second special edition links with the November 2019 edition.

Amongst the articles...

20 February 2020

This issue focuses on Learning Together which was started in 2015 by Dr Ruth Armstrong and Dr...

6 January 2020

This issue focuses on the annual Perrie Lectures. This year, the theme was ‘What does leadership...

1 November 2019

This issue offers historical perspectives on prison and criminal justice issues nationally and...

4 September 2019

This edition offers a collection of articles that all, in their own ways, offer grounds for hope...

27 June 2019

This edition focuses on rehabilitative culture

17 April 2019

This is a special edition with the focus on the prison crisis.