Conference presentations and speeches by the Centre's staff


Will McMahon's introduction to the launch of the Community Plan for Holloway draft vision document


The text of the speech Richard Garside gave yesterday to the Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique


Speech given to the Youth crime and public policy interventions conference, University of Surrey, Friday, 4 July 2017


These are the opening remarks our Director, Richard Garside, gave to the British Society of Criminology South Branch meeting on Wednesday, 15 March at the London School of Economics


Opening remarks by Richard Garside at the 'Holloway prison closure: What next for the land?' event in Islington, North London on Friday, 25 November 2016


This is the text of the speech our Director Richard Garside gave at the University of Kent on current developments in criminal justice and the legacy of the coalition


This an abridged summary of a paper presented to the 'Policing the crisis' conference organised by Defend the Right to Protest


On 22 April the Centre's director, Richard Garside, spoke at an Open University Scotland event in Edinburgh: 'The coalition years and the Scottish dimension'.


In this speech to our 'Criminal justice since 2010' conference on 23 March, our Director, Richard Garside, explains why the United Kingdom's three criminal justice jurisdictions have pursued different approaches to criminal justice policy-making since 2010.


This is an abridged version of Rebecca Roberts' paper, prepared in collaboration with Matt Ford, to the 'Police corruption, spying, racism and accountability' conference on Friday 6 February, 2015 at Conway Hall, London. The data mentioned in Rebecca's speech can be viewed in the slides below.