Reaction to MPs' report on crime reduction policies

A new report out today from the House of Commons Justice Committee has called on the government to 'question whether taxpayers’ money is used in ways most likely to reduce future crime and victimisation, including evaluating that spent on custodial sentencing, and develop a longer-term strategy...

26 June 2014

No 'dark side' to Northern Ireland police

A senior officer in the Police Service of Northern Ireland has rejected Sinn Féin claims of a 'dark side' at work in the force.

Chief Superintendant Nigel Grimshaw said that officers in the force should...

15 May 2014

Crime Statistics: Who can we count on?

For those of us engaged in teaching Criminology, perhaps the most surprising (though welcome) thing about the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee's (PASC) report ...

10 April 2014

Government opens door to new G4S bids

The Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, has announced that the 'corporate renewal plan' embarked on by private security firm G4S 'represents the right direction of travel' to meet...

10 April 2014