UK Justice Policy Review

The coalition years: Criminal justice in the United Kingdom

Change has swept the United Kingdom criminal justice systems over recent years. The election of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government in May 2010 drew a line under the generous budgets of the New Labour period. Austerity and cuts became the new reality. Across England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, different solutions to common criminal justice challenges emerged.

UK Justice Policy Review bonanza!

There's only one month to go until our all-day conference, 'Criminal justice since 2010. What happened? What next?' on Monday 23 March. It forms part of our Uk Justice Policy Review programme of activities supported by the Hadley Trust. The conference will assess the major changes to criminal justice across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland since the 2010 General Election and examine the challenges facing an incoming government following the May 2015 General Election.


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