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The devolution era in Northern Ireland

David Ford discusses the innovations and advances since 2010

The focus on criminal justice since 2010, coincides with the creation of the Department of Justice in Northern Ireland in April of that year. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to outline our understanding of the devolution era, to make the case for our different justice systems, and for the sharing of innovations. In short, I want to make the case for a greater understanding of the benefits which devolved justice has to offer. First, three broader contextual points.


Tammy McGloughlin and Richard Garside introduce this issue of cjm

We have reached a milestone. This is the 100th issue of Criminal Justice Matters.

Northern Ireland Justice Minister speaks at our conference

A summary of the speech made by David Ford, Minister of Justice for Northern Ireland, at our conference on Monday 23 March is now available on the Department of Justice for Northern Ireland website

The Justice Minister spoke about the particular way criminal justice has developed in Northern Ireland since the devolution of justice responsibilities in 2010.  

He highlighted the many benefits of devolution: 


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