Do the manifesto claims stack up?

Do more police officers cut crime? Are tough community sentences a realistic alternative to prison? These are some of the questions considered in the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies' latest report.


26 May 2017

Assessing the General Election manifestos

The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat General Election manifestos propose more than 100 crime and justice-related policies between them.

26 May 2017

Criminal justice across the UK: What are the challenges?

What has been going on in criminal justice across the UK since the Brexit referendum?

What are the main criminal justice developments to look out for across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland following the General Election?

Why is it so hard sometimes to achieve even...

25 May 2017

Centre to assess General Election manifesto claims

With the party election manifestos due out in mid-May, we will be producing a special UK Justice Policy Review briefing on the main parties' crime and justice plans and commitments.

The forthcoming manifesto assessment is the first in a regular series of briefings that will...

27 April 2017

Our latest UK Justice Policy Review report is shaping up

We are working on the proofs of the new edition of our popular UK Justice Policy Review report series.

The latest edition, the sixth in the series, is due out in May. It will cover criminal justice developments across the UK between the General Election and the Brexit referendum...

29 March 2017

Let them fail

In its structure, planning, delivery and financing, probation across England and Wales faces major problems.

These are problems created by government, through the ill-advised ‘transforming...

27 October 2016

Too many vulnerable people being criminalised

Far too many vulnerable people are being drawn into the justice system, the Northern Ireland Justice Minister, Claire Sugden, told our conference on the UK justice systems on Wednesday.

Speaking at Criminal...

21 October 2016

Criminal justice since 2015 conference agenda published

We have published the agenda for our forthcoming conference, 'Criminal Justice since 2015: What happened? What next?', which will be held on Wednesday 19 October.

The Northern Ireland Justice Minister, Claire Sugden MLA, and the former Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, head a...

28 September 2016

Action needed on short prison sentences in Scotland

In 2010 the Scottish Government legislated for a presumption against sentences of less than three months. Six months had been sought, but cross-party support was absent for the minority SNP...

24 June 2016