UK Justice Policy Review

‘Stopping short?’ Sentencing reform and short prison sentences

This summer was expected to be a pivotal moment in sentence reform, with the expectation that former Justice Minister, David Gauke, would publish a White Paper to introduce proposals to restrict the use of short sentences. But with a new Prime Minister, a new Justice Secretary, and a ‘tough’ approach to law and order being ushered in, the future of reforming short-term prison sentences is at best uncertain.

UK Justice Policy Review 8 is out now

The eighth edition of UK Justice Policy Review is out now, covering the period from the 2017 General Election to the summer of 2018.

Produced annually, the Review uniquely offers concise coverage of key policy developments in criminal justice across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

To improve accessibility and raise public awareness of the changing criminal justice landscape, data are presented in a variety of formats including infographics, graphs and tables alongside to-the-point written analysis.


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