Comment on knife crime

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Our Research Director, Roger Grimshaw, has been quoted by a number of news outlets on knife crime in London.

Today he commented on London's knife violence for NBC News: 

The carrying of weapons is something that operates like a contagion. If people feel frightened because they are aware that other people they know are carrying, that makes them more likely to think that knife carrying could make them safer — though in practice that makes them less safe. The more this goes on, it gets into a vicious circle. 

Last week, the New York Times featured a quote on the social and economic factors behind knife-related violence: 

It is difficult to address the causes of violence without addressing important social questions about the choices facing young people in terms of opportunities

There has been a renewed interest in knife violence in the news due to an increase in such crime this year so far in London. 

In 2009, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies produced a comprehensive critique, analysis and review of young people, knives and guns, concluding that there is little evidence to support police-led interventions to tackle knife violence. Read the key findings here