State is failing young people leaving custody

Youth resettlement – final report into work in the communitythe latest report from HM Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectorate of Prisons, has prompted calls for more support for young people released from custody. Our Director, Richard Garside is amongst those calling for the state to address it failures. 

The report found that children leaving custody are not being given adequate support as they re-integrate back into life in the community. Both ITV News...

8 October 2019

Beneath county lines

County lines refers to the extension of drug supply from urban into rural and other settings.

20 February 2019

Knife crime a public health, not policing, problem

Knife crime should be treated as a public health challenge, not a policing problem, our Director, Richard Garside, tells The Guardian newspaper today.

There is renewed concern that knife violence is on the rise following the publication of the latest crime data showing a 22 percent increase in knife crime and an 11 percent rise in gun crime.

Richard told the Guardian that while most people would never be a victim of knife...

27 April 2018

Comment on knife crime

Our Research Director, Roger Grimshaw, has been quoted by a number of news outlets on knife crime in London.

Today he commented on London's knife violence for NBC News: 

The carrying of weapons is something that operates like a contagion. If people feel frightened because they are

11 April 2018

Police cannot solve knife violence problem

Our Director Richard Garside today welcomed remarks by the Chair of the all-party group on knife crime that tackling knife violence was a health and education challenge, not a police issue.

The remarks by Sarah Jones, the MP for Croydon Central, came in an...

19 October 2017

The closing gap between education and youth justice

It may be unsurprising that young people have to attend the majority of activities associated with their youth justice orders - refined and targeted policies become obsolete when young people are...

29 March 2016

Generation 2015 – in the eye of a perfect storm?

There is nothing like the simultaneous publication of independent reports on the state of the nation’s youth to whet an appetite for public wringing of hands and conscience-searching. So...

7 October 2015