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  • Monday, 14 January, 2019

    The Centre's director, Richard Garside, is co-signatory of a letter to Minister of Justice David Gauke. 

    The letter, mentioned in the weekend's Observer, expresses concern over the decision to re-let Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) contracts. 

  • Thursday, 20 December, 2018

    The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and the Harm & Evidence Research Collaborative at The Open University, in partnership with Professor Joe Sim of Liverpool John Moores University, will be holding a major conference on prison abolition in the UK in 2019.

    The conference will be on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 May, at The Open University campus in Milton Keynes.

    The prison system in the UK is in ongoing, systemic crisis. While politicians pay lip service to the need to reduce prisoner numbers, further growth and expansion are far more likely.

  • Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

    Last Thursday, parliament held a debate, 'Public health model to reduce youth violence'. 

  • Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

    The Centre is pleased to publish J M Moore's report, Downsize, build, transform: An assessment of the Justice Matters workshops, which provides the results of semistructered interviews of participants who took part in the workshops that made up part of our Justice Matters project.

  • Tuesday, 04 December, 2018

    The Centre's Research Fellow, Connor Woodman, spoke at Rebellious Lawyering (RebLaw) 2018 last weekend, held at the University of Law to an audience of students, lawyers, organisers and researchers from across the UK.  

    Connor spoke on 'Spycops: The future for the Undercover Policing Inquiry' which was based on his two forthcoming reports investigating the history of political policing in the UK and how the state has sought to constrain and undermine dissent against racism, patriarchy and class through infiltration and other methods. 

  • Monday, 03 December, 2018

    The Centre is delighted to be part of a new collaborative campaign to end child imprisonment.

    Launching at an event last Thursday at the House of Lords, the campaign supports approaches that prioritise children’s needs, safety and futures, and advocates for the closure of child prisons in England and Wales. 

    We look forward to working with our colleagues at organisations including Article 39, the Howard League for Penal Reform, Inquest, Just for Kids Law and the National Association for Youth Justice on this important issue. 

  • Monday, 03 December, 2018

    Over the past year, we have hosted a Research Fellow, Connor Woodman, sponsored by the Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust. The Centre is today publishing two papers on undercover policing Connor has written as part of this Fellowship, under the title Spycops in context.

  • Thursday, 29 November, 2018

    Knife violence coverage

    The Centre has had a busy week after releasing our latest report - Young people, violence and knivesa briefing evaluating different approaches to addressing knife violence. 

  • Monday, 26 November, 2018

    Attempts to punish and prosecute our way out of knife violence are doomed to failure, according to a new report from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. The report – Young people, violence and knives – finds that police-led interventions and tougher sentencing have, at best, been ineffective and at worst, been counterproductive.

  • Friday, 23 November, 2018

    On Tuesday, we held the two-year anniversary event for the Community Plan for Holloway. The meeting brought together 150 people from the local community to discuss the victories so far and future plans. 

    The speakers were: