We explain the different parts of the criminal justice system, and the interconnections between them, and work with researchers, practitioners, service users and campaigners to amplify their voices.

Our recent work under this priority includes:

  • Development of a knowledge-base on effective COVID prevention and control in prisons across nine European jurisdictions, in consultation with the World Health Organisation, and in collaboration with partners across Europe. Delivery of six COVID-related webinars, attracting over 2,000 registrations from across the world.
  • In February 2021, we held an online conference over five days marking the thirtieth anniversary of the Woolf Report into the Strangeways prison protest, which attracted over 1,500 individual registrations.
  • With the trade union, Unison, we produced a report on the evidence for a public health approach to tackling violence.
  • With Crisis, we highlighted the inappropriate use of anti-social behaviour legislation to target rough sleepers.
  • In a subsequent piece of work, we used more than 800 freedom of information requests to build a picture of the way anti-social behaviour measures are being used to target young people.

Work under this priority


Understanding UK criminal justice systems

How is criminal justice in the United Kingdom organised? How are the various institutions held to account? What is the relationship between politics and practice? How do citizens influence these powerful institutions?