Electronic monitoring regulator needed

An electronic monitoring regulator should be established to ensure that intrusive monitoring technologies are only used when there are clear ethical and practical grounds for doing so.

22 June 2022

The usual suspects

The Usual Suspects uses national data to assess the use of joint enterprise laws in prosecutions for serious violence in England and Wales over the last fifteen years.

28 April 2022

We need to end child imprisonment. Here's why.

With the participation of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, the End Child Imprisonment coalition brings together a range of organisations and experts, which provide and spread information in order to impact positively on current policy.

28 October 2021

Anti-poverty forum presentation

Dr Roger Grimshaw's slides from his presentation at the Centre's Anti-Poverty Forum, held on September 18, 2013.

17 September 2013

Prison Service Journal: 255

The latest edition of Prison Service Journal explores trauma and psychotherapy in prisons. In this edition: Editorial comment Viewing Her Majesty's Prison Service through a Trauma-informed Lens , by Dr Alexandria Bradley Interview with Felicity de Zulueta , interview by Matt Wotton Trauma,...
Prison Service Journal
6 July 2021

Hard time: the paradox of current imprisonment policy

We are now used to gloomy reports about prison conditions from sources close to the ground, and the duration and impact of current prisoner lockdowns leads to even more disturbing assessments.  

17 March 2021

Imprisonment for the traumatised

Recently, I have been writing about trauma as a prelude to imprisonment, and reflecting on what kind of childhood experiences lie in the backgrounds of people sentenced to imprisonment.  

4 February 2021