Roger Grimshaw

Many criminal record checks unnecessary, new research

Our latest report, out today, reveals new evidence on the extent of unnecessary criminal record checks. Based on Freedom of Information Act requests, Criminal record checks: is the volume of disclosures proportionate?, finds that nearly three quarters of the million or so convictions revealed to employers each year in criminal records checks related to offences that were more than a decade old. 

Looking beyond re-offending: criminal records and poverty

Christopher Stacey argues that rehabilitation for the convicted must mean proper access to opportunities

The aim of prisons in England and Wales is to simultaneously punish and rehabilitate. The same could be said for our criminal justice system as a whole. Looking at these two aims, whether the system ‘measures’ in a real sense how much it punishes individuals is an interesting question, but it certainly tries to measure how much it rehabilitates – primarily through looking at the rates of re-offending.


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