Punishment is the pandemic

Our Chair of Trustees, Charlie Weinberg, has written a piece on the problems of punishment for the website of Abolition, the US-based journal of radical and insurgent politics.

In the piece, Charlie develops the argument she first explored in this article on our website, about the difference between containment and control.

What it is about punishment that makes it simultaneously both...

12 May 2020

Coronavirus in infographics

As part of our work on coronavirus in prisons and the criminal justice system, we are producing infographics covering the key data.

8 May 2020

European responses to coronavirus in prisons

How does England and Wales compare in its response to coronavirus in prisons to the rest of Europe? 

We have compiled a list of European state responses to the virus in prisons based on 'Covid-19: What's happening in European prisons?' by the European Prison Observatory and 'Coronavirus: Prison fever' by Prison Insider. We note that there is a difference between announcements made and actual...

24 April 2020

Continued inaction is risking lives of prisoners and staff

‘Our government must do more’ said Richard Garside in an interview with The Guardian today.

He continued, ‘If you set out to create an institution with the express intent of concentrating and transmitting Covid-19, it would probably look much like a prison.’

At least 10,000 to 15,000 prisoners need to be released from the prison system, to allow for single cells, but the...

21 April 2020