New publications on undercover policing

Over the past year, we have hosted a Research Fellow, Connor Woodman, sponsored by the Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust.

The Centre is today publishing two papers on undercover policing Connor has written as part of this Fellowship, under the title Spycops in context.

From 1968-2008 a dedicated police...

3 December 2018

It's been two years. What next for Community Plan for Holloway?

On Tuesday, we held the two-year anniversary event for the Community Plan for Holloway.

The meeting brought together 150 people from the local community to discuss the victories so far and future plans. 

The speakers were:

  • Will McMahon - Community Plan for Holloway 
  • Steve Fox - Manalo and White architects
  • Andy Bain - Islington Homes for All
  • ...
23 November 2018

We're recruiting a Business Associate

We're looking for someone who is highly organised, with excellent verbal and written communications skills to provide effective coordination and administration of all the Centre’s day-to-day organisational functions.

Tasks include facilities, office, finance and HR management, and to facilitate the smooth running of the organisation and of its facilities, maintaining ICT, administering the membership scheme, contacts database and finances.


13 November 2018

Holloway sale faces further delay

The sale of the Holloway prison site faces yet another delay, the Islington Tribune reports. A buyer for the site now won’t be in place until at least the new year.

The news came when a Centre for Crime and Justice Studies staff member asked a question about the timetable for the sale at a Ministry of Justice event last week.

The prison closed over two years ago and the land has been sitting empty ever since, despite having the capacity to...

12 November 2018

Centre's analyst gives talk to planning students

On Monday and Wednesday our Research Analyst, Matt Ford, was at the Hilldrop Community Centre in Islington giving talks about our Community Plan for Holloway project to University College London (UCL) students on the Urban Design and City Planning Masters course.

The days were organised by Omar Sherif, one of the planners we have been working closely with as part of the project. He has coordinated a unit on the Holloway site at UCL. 

Up to 40 people attended each event and asked interesting questions about the site. The next step for the students...

12 November 2018

Richard Garside a signatory on Guardian Letters

Our Director, Richard Garside, is a signatory in a letter featured in The Guardian announcing the launch of a collaborative campaign to end child imprisonment in England and Wales.

The letter states: 

We have come together to say enough is enough. Later this month, in the House of Lords, we launch England’s first collaborative campaign to end child imprisonment. Children’s lives, wellbeing and rehabilitation are matters for the social welfare system

9 November 2018

Treasury budget confirms new mega-prisons

October's Treasury Budget announcement confirmed the construction of two new mega prisons as part of the Prison Estates Transformation Programme, Corporate Watch reports.

The programme plans to build six new prisons altogether, whilst the two confirmed in the budget will be built on the HMP Wellinborough and HMP Glen Parva sites and will create 4,000 new prison places. 

Our former Senior Policy Associate, Rebecca Roberts, has previously...

8 November 2018

Landmark ruling in Islington: What does it mean?

The Institute of Chartered Surveyors will soon be addressing affordable housing requirements in their national guidance, reports the Islington Gazette.

This comes after a recent landmark High Court judgement ruling that developers can’t overpay for land and subsequently refuse to abide by local authority planning policies on affordable housing on the grounds of profit loss.

The announcement comes in response to an open letter by Diarmaid...

7 November 2018

Centre's Director, Richard Garside on core policing

Richard Garside, the Centre's Director, appeared on the Today show yesterday to respond to the Chair of  the National Police Chiefs' Council, Sara Thornton's comments on core policing activities, misogyny and violent crime.

Commenting on the issue, Richard said that:

The police remain a very generously funded public service but nonetheless as austerity has bitten and a number of public services have had cutbacks, it seems very likely, and indeed there is certainly some evidence to suggest

2 November 2018

'Not transphobic' to critique transgenderism

Our Director, Richard Garside, is one of more than 50 researchers and academics who have co-signed a letter expressing concern over the harassment and intimidation of those engaged in critical research and discussion on transgenderism.

According to the letter, published in The Guardian, a number of the co-signatories have 'experienced campus protests, calls for dismissal in the press,...

16 October 2018