Richard Garside

Wrong question. Wrong answer

Richard Garside reviewed David G. Green, Emma Grove and Nadia A. Martin, Crime and Civil Society: Can we become a more law-abiding people? (London: Civitas, February 2005) and Michael Jacobson, Downsizing Prisons: How to Reduce Crime and End Mass Incarceration (New York and London: New York University Press, January 2005) for Prison Service Journal, October 2005, Issue 161.

Society needs to change the power in relationships between men and women

In an interview on the BBC Today programme at 8.30 am this morning Richard Garside argued that male dominance of women in society needed to be systematically challenged if sexual assaults are to be effectively tackled. He also said that victims of sexual assualt need to be much better supported, regardless of whether a conviction of the alleged perpetrator was likely.


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