Richard Garside

Society needs to change the power in relationships between men and women

In an interview on the BBC Today programme at 8.30 am this morning Richard Garside argued that male dominance of women in society needed to be systematically challenged if sexual assaults are to be effectively tackled. He also said that victims of sexual assualt need to be much better supported, regardless of whether a conviction of the alleged perpetrator was likely.

Richard Garside

Richard is the Director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and Senior Visiting Research Fellow at The Open University. Prior to joining the Centre, Richard worked at Nacro as Head of Communications.

Reducing the numbers in custody: looking beyond criminal justice solutions

At a time of spending cuts and continued increases to inequality, a new report argues the prison population is likely to rise further, despite the coalition's expressed aim to contain and manage prison numbers. Reducing the numbers in custody argues that the key levers for reducing record high prison numbers are located in wider social and economic policy and not in changes to community sentences or reforms to criminal justice policy.


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