Punishment is the pandemic

Our Chair of Trustees, Charlie Weinberg, has written a piece on the problems of punishment for the website of Abolition, the US-based journal of radical and insurgent politics.

In the piece, Charlie develops the argument she first explored in this article on our website, about the difference between containment and control.

What it is about punishment that makes it simultaneously both...

12 May 2020

Punishment is the pandemic

Over recent weeks there have been several calls for people in prison and detention centres to be released, largely framed as a ‘public health’ response and a way of keeping whole communities safe.

21 April 2020

Our Director in The Times

Government proposals to scrap automatic release of prisoners halfway through their sentences is today being discussed in parliament. 

The proposed legislation, if successful, will apply to offenders who have committed serious violent and sexual offences, who have been sentenced to life imprisonment and given a fixed term of seven years or more. These prisoners will serve two-thirds of their sentence before being automatically...

22 January 2020

Abolishing the stigma of punishments served

Andrew Henley argues that those who have been punished should be free from future discrimination The Benthamite workhouse principle of ‘less eligibility’ dates back to the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 and, since its application to the sphere of criminal justice, has long dictated that prisoners and...
cjm 97: Criminal justice marketisation

Punishment and Rehabilitation

Prison numbers seem to be rising inexorably. On current trends it is likely that the 80,000 cap, suggested by Government at the time of the Carter Report, will be reached in short order. More...

1 August 2005