Debating youth justice: From punishment to problem solving

Edited by Zoe Davies and Will McMahon
Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Debating youth justice: From punishment to problem solving is a collection of essays by leading experts from the UK and abroad.

The publication came out of a public debate the Centre held in October 2006, prompted by Rob Allen's earlier report - From punishment to problem solving - published by the Centre in September 2006.

Contributions to this collection are:

  • Rob Allen: 'From punishment to problem solving'.
  • Professor Barry Goldson and Professor John Muncie: 'Youth justice with integrity'.
  • Bob Reitemeier: 'Helping young offenders is protecting the public'.
  • Professor Phil Scraton: 'The neglect of power and rights'.
  • Rebecca Palmer: 'Nothing to lose'.
  • Dr Raymond Arthur: 'Youth crime prevention - the role of children's services'.
  • Dr Jeffrey A. Butts: 'Whose problem?'.
  • Professor Josine Junger-Tas: 'Reforming youth justice and youth sanctions'.

The collection also includes:

  • A letter from Rt Hon Beverley Hughes MP, then Minister for Children, Young People and Families.
  • A number of short responses and reactions from youth justice practitioners, researchers.

Also in Debating you justice, the Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon NIck Clegg MP, at the time the Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, argued in favour of an end to prison for 15 and 16 year olds:

'The case for phasing out prison custody for 15 ti 16-year olds is a very strong one. The number of children that are currently kept in our prison system is deeply concerning and a review of how such young offenders are dealt with is long overdue'.