How to have debate

"I've been an academic for 23 years... and I have never seen anything like this"

15 October 2021

Trauma is not fashion

This is the first of several related pieces that explore how commercial pressures and populist tendencies undermine efforts to respond to the complex issues of trauma in individuals, communities and wider society.

20 July 2021

Idols, ideology and ideals

In this second edition of the Critical Care series by Iles, Tsintsadze and Weinberg, idols, ideology and ideals are considered.

25 February 2021

Mirror, mirror

The function of the ‘mirror’ in psychoanalytic theory is, very simply, that the earliest ways in which the infant begins to recognise itself are through the ‘mother’s’ gaze.*

14 January 2021

Punishment is the pandemic

Our Chair of Trustees, Charlie Weinberg, has written a piece on the problems of punishment for the website of Abolition, the US-based journal of radical and insurgent politics.

In the piece, Charlie develops the argument she first explored in this article on our website, about the difference between containment and control.

What it is about punishment that makes it simultaneously both...

12 May 2020

Punishment is the pandemic

Over recent weeks there have been several calls for people in prison and detention centres to be released, largely framed as a ‘public health’ response and a way of keeping whole communities safe.

21 April 2020

Charlotte Weinberg

Charlotte Weinberg became a Trustee in April 2015 and Chair of Trustees in March 2017.

She has been Executive Director at Safe Ground since 2010. During this time, Charlotte has led the charity through a period of sustained growth and diversification including a focus on innovation, evidence and quality standards. With significant direct experience as a youth worker and community...
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