Electronic monitoring: legitimacy, rights and innovation

At the forefront of this project are the issues of legitimacy and rights which should be addressed in the evaluation of any particular electronic monitoring (EM) system.

Initially the project has sought advice and evidence from experts in EM research, in ethical criminal justice intervention, and in human rights.

It has collated information on current legal provisions and implementation in the UK and other jurisdictions where EM is regulated.

In March 2019 we held a roundtable in London for practitioners, policymakers and other stakeholders which discussed evidence about ethical questions surrounding EM.

The project is intended to reorient the public policy discussion towards fundamental questions which should be addressed before new systems are introduced. This is especially important at a time when the expansion of EM has been endorsed by government and new uses, especially with GPS positioning, are being developed as technology rapidly advances.

We are currently seeking funding to take this project to the next stage, including the production of a report and associated materials.

If you are interested in supporting this work, please get in touch.