GPS offender tagging farce tied to privatised probation

In a letter in today's Guardian, tagging expert Mike Nellis calls for the 'over-complex, outsourced infrastructure set in place to manage the mass expansion of GPS tracking' to be dismantled', to be replaced by 'a modest and sensible use of tagging.. properly integrated into a restored, publicly owned probation service, as it mostly is in mainland Europe'.

The Centre is currently working with Mike Nellis and partners across the penal reform sector to explore the possibilities for a progressive vision for the future of electronic monitoring. This followed a private...

29 January 2018

What future for electronic monitoring?

Last week we held a symposium on the future of electronic monitoring of those under a criminal justice sanction in England and Wales.

The symposium heard from Dr Hannah Graham, from the University of Stirling and Professor Mike Nellis, from the University of Strathclyde.

Dr Graham spoke about the Scottish experience of electronic monitoring, as well as international evidence on impact and effectiveness. Professor Nellis...

25 January 2018

Grayling's failings on electronic monitoring

But as he points out, the electronic monitoring fiasco was more than just a story of unrealistic plans, shifting specifications and incompetent management. It was also the story of a politically-driven attempt, particularly by the former Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, to reshape aspects of the...
Mike Nellis
28 July 2017

Call for parliament to investigate tagging fiasco

The Ministry of Justice should consult widely and transparently with public sector, private sector and civil society organisations on plans to electronically monitor those under a criminal sanction, if it is to avoid the waste and chaos that characterised attempts to develop a new satellite-...

28 July 2017

Scrap 'vanity project' tagging scheme call

Our Director, Richard Garside, today called on the Ministry of Justice to scrap its 'vanity project' GPS tagging programme, and focus its energies on more pressing problems, such as the prisons and probation crises.

His call came in response to a...

12 July 2017

Michael Gove and the future of electronic monitoring

The hubristically named 'New World' electronic montoring (EM) strategy, devised by the Conservative-led Coalition Government back in 2012, was a commercial, technological and penal fiasco and...

Professor Mike Nellis
11 March 2016

Satellite tagging plans throwing good money after bad

The Centre's director, Richard Garside, said today that the Ministry of Justice should halt plans to commission off-the-shelve satellite tagging technology.

His comments follow yesterday's announcement that the Ministry was...

26 February 2016

Electronic monitoring - a flawed alternative

A report published by the US-based, Centre for Media Justice, has highlighted concerns about the rush to deploy electronic monitoring (EM) equipment as an alternative to imprisonment.

The report, ...

21 October 2015

The global trade in (techno) corrections

Craig Paterson questions whether the momentum can be tamed Electronic monitoring (EM) and offender technologies have developed as responses to the problem of prison overcrowding and the focus on introducing market values to the criminal justice sector, incorporating advances in information and...
cjm 95: Electronic monitoring

The grey area of electronic monitoring in the USA

James Kilgore offers his personal insight into the political and economic forces driving expansion My interest in doing research on electronic monitoring started with a phone call. At 2 o'clock one morning in early 2010 my then 96-year-old mother phoned to say she was having chest pains, thought it...
cjm 95: Electronic monitoring