Standing ovation for Phil Scraton at the BAFTAs

Monday, 15 May 2017

Professor Phil Scraton, who is delivering our annual lecture on 23 May, received a standing ovation at the BAFTAs last night.

The audience reacted as Phil walked up as part of the team behind the documentary, Hillsborough, which won the 'best single documentary' award.

In his acceptance speech, the documentary's Director, Daniel Gordon, paid a special tribute to Phil (third from the right):

I would like to thank Professor Phil Scraton, who is standing right behind me, who has worked so tirelessly, diligently ...


... and Phil's work did a dogged determination to expose the full truth of Hillsborough.  I mean, I am in absolute awe of you, Phil. This is dedicated obviously to the families and survivors of Hillsborough.

In his annual lecture on 23 May, Phil Scraton of Queen's University Belfast will draw on his experience investigating the Hillsborough disaster to talk about the role of critical research in securing truth and acknowledgement.

Phil Scraton lecture, 23 May

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Watch the BAFTA standing ovation for Phil Scraton here (1:50 mins in).