Eve Saville

Professor Phil Scraton to give our annual lecture

We are delighted to announce that Professor Phil Scraton will deliver this year's Eve Saville Memorial Lecture, on Tuesday, 23 May.

His lecture – 'Bearing witness to the pain of others' – will draw on his experience investigating the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, the politics of incarceration, and childhood in transition, and he will talk about the role of critical research in securing truth and acknowledgement.

Inequality: The obstacle between us

At the 2008 Eve Saville Lecture, Richard Wilkinson, Emeritus Professor of Social Epidemiology a University of Nottingham Medical School. talked about the new evidence shows that inequality is much the most important explanation of why, despite their extraordinary material success, some of the most affluent societies seem to be social failures.

Has liberal criminology lost?

In his Eve Saville lecture Ian Loader argues that criminology can act as a liberal restraint over short-termist policies and should be used to sustain 'a crime politics that can secure the security of citizens without undermining the values and institutions of liberal democracy'. A full, referenced version of the speech is also available for download.

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