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Richard Garside

Richard is the Director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

He joined to the Centre in 2003 to set up an the 'Crime and Society Foundation' project, having secured a major grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies. The Crime and Society Foundation sought to explore the role and limitations of approaches to social problems based on criminalisation and punishment, and to champion alternative approaches grounded in social justice principles.

Richard became the Centre's Director in 2006 and he continues to champion the shrinking of the criminal justice system and the development of more effective and just policies and practices, grounded in prevention and inclusion. He is in favour of the long-term abolition of prisons and the development of policies and practices that are socially transformative, rather than punitive.

Richard is the lead author of the Centre's keynote annual publication: UK Justice Policy Review. He has also written a range of other pamphlets and articles and is in demand as a conference speaker. He appears regularly in national print and broadcast media as a commentator on crime and criminal justice.