Judge blasted by campaigners

A judge was blasted by campaigners yesterday after a a rape victim was made to sit through CCTV footage of her sickening sex attack. She was forced to relive her ordeal at the hands of...

29 July 2013

Social justice and criminal justice

Despite more than a decade in power, New Labour has failed to tackle deep-rooted social injustices, according to a collection of essays from more than 20 researchers and academics. Historically high levels of inequality, endemic violence against women and the increasing reliance on criminal justice...
Edited by Rebecca Roberts and Will McMahon
26 November 2007

cjm 85: Women, violence and harm

Academics and practitioners consider the range of harms perpetrated against women in an issue guest edited by Christina Pantazis. Somali Cerise and Holly Dustin argue that a criminal justice focus detracts from offering support. Stella Vickers and Paula Wilcox highlight their work with women who...
Criminal Justice Matters
6 September 2011