What's this got to do with violence against women?

Davina James-Hanman, Director of Ava, explains why our call to 'empower women, resist injustice and transform lives' is of direct relevance to the violence against women sector.
Davina James-Hanman
9 July 2014

A life of its own

Laurel Townhead on the future plans for Justice Matters for Women.
Laurel Townhead
14 April 2014

Is Lady Justice blind or just blinkered?

Most people will be familiar with ‘Lady Justice’ – a statue or picture of a woman often blindfolded, holding a set of scales. Lady Justice is intended to represent objectivity...

Rebecca Roberts
19 February 2014

Punishing women and criminal justice failure

Laurel Townhead and Rebecca Roberts highlight the systemic failings of criminal justice in responding to criminalised women.

Laurel Townhead and Rebecca Roberts
5 February 2014

Justice Matters for Women

What is Justice Matters for Women about?

Criminal justice fails women.

Current responses to criminalised women are seriously flawed and harmful to women. Prioritising the criminal justice system in our response to violence against women has undermined the development of more effective ways to address the harms women face.