Victim blaming

The Times reports that police officers in London have been given a target to fine ten cyclists per month for traffic offences, in response to the recent spate of cycling deaths in the...

28 November 2013

Cycling deaths...if you have a knee it is time to jerk it

Sometimes the art of politics is being seen to do 'something'.  Following the death of the sixth cyclist in a fortnight on London’s roads the Mayor had to been seen to take action.  It is not...

Will McMahon
19 November 2013

Youth employment is ‘public health time bomb’

Sir Michael Marmot of the World Health Organisation has warned that youth unemployment is a ‘public health time bomb waiting to explode’ in Europe, and that child poverty is a policy choice in Britain as so little is done to redistribute wealth, reports...

31 October 2013

Video: UK wealth inequality

Inequality Briefing has released an animation which shows that the distribution of wealth in the UK is far less equal than people believe it to be and is at its widest since the Second World War. Watch the video here.

30 October 2013

Rickets make a comeback

Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, has said that the country should be ‘profoundly ashamed’ that the Victorian-era disease rickets has made a comeback in a damning report on the state of children’s health, reported in...

24 October 2013

Care reforms to push the vulnerable aside

Research by the London School of Economics has revealed that thousands of elderly and disabled people will no longer receive funding towards the cost of the care they require on a daily basis, ...

23 October 2013

Does crime exist?

In the course of everyday life, men and women, children and adults, enter into social relationships with each other. These relationships enrich their lives and are at the heart of what it means to...

Richard Garside
5 January 2011