New project - Violence: prevention, public health and social justice

Violence: prevention, public health and social justice - aims to outline a framework for determining how violence reduction for everyone can be effectively achieved. The project is being done in partnership with Unison.

The Centre's Research Director, Roger Grimshaw, will be leading the project. 

For more information please visit our project page.

16 April 2019

David Cameron pressed on 40,000 preventable deaths

At Prime Minister's Questions today, David Cameron was pressed on why he and London Mayor Boris Johnson have been lobbying the EU to weaken plans to reduce air pollution and improve air quality. The question came from Labour MP Geraint Davies. 

Mr Davies said:


20 April 2016

Book Review: Harmful societies

Steve Tombs reviews Simon Pemberton’s new book Each year, the Office for National Statistics calculates the number of ‘excess winter deaths' – deaths from December to March compared with the average number of deaths occurring in the preceding and following four month periods in England and Wales...
Steve Tombs
cjm 101: #BlackLivesMatter

Is austerity an act of violence?

Identifying violence?

On 10 September the Centre held a roundtable discussion on the extent to which we can understand austerity policies as acts of violence against...

11 September 2014

What is crime?

Rebecca Roberts and Will McMahon explore hidden and ignored crimes and harms
cjm 74: Criminalisation

British children dying from poverty

A study by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the National Children's Bureau claims that thousands of children in Britain die each year as a result of poverty,...

1 May 2014

Third of EU women experience violence, new report claims

A report from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) presents findings from the world’s biggest-ever survey on violence against women, revealing the extent of abuse suffered by women at home, work, in public and online. As well as demonstrating the wide prevalence of violence...

5 March 2014