Last week was a bad week for pollution

It began on Monday, 6 June, with reports that Rosamund Kissi-Debrah is planning to sue the Greater London Authority following the death of her nine-year-old daughter Ella as a result of...

13 June 2016

When evidence and politics collide: The David Nutt affair

On 14 September, 2015, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies hosted a roundtable meeting where we heard from Dr Deborah Drake (The Open University) and Professor Reece Walters (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane).

They discussed their research into the David Nutt affair....

17 September 2015

Air pollution causes cancer

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency within the World Health Organisation, has officially classified outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic. In a report it claims air pollution from traffic and industrial fumes was a cause of lung cancer and was linked to bladder...

18 October 2013

Critical thinking about the uses of research

The government is reluctant to use the learning from critical, independent evidence based analysis and research to inform criminal justice policy making according to a new report published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.