Police too often playing mental health worker role

A review of mental health crisis care in England and Wales by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has found that the police are regularly the first point of contact for those in mental distress.

Nightime is often the peak time for acute mental health episodes, the report found, with many mental health services geared to operate during the day. As a result the police were often left operating as first responders to those in crisis.

The police deter crime like nurses deter illness

Our director, Richard Garside, was on The One Show on BBC One yesterday talking about the challenges faced by cuts in police budgets.

'There is no more deterrent from the police just being around,' Richard said, 'than if you have more nurses and people will be deterred from being ill'.

Watch the full piece here.

For more on police budget cuts, read this comment piece by Richard Garside.

Police say more cuts will lead to paramilitary-style policing

The chair of the Police Federation, Steve White, has warned Theresa May that further cuts to police budgets will lead to a paramilitary style of policing, reports The Guardian.

His comments come ahead of the Federation's annual conference this week. White highlighted the cuts to police budgets of 20 per cent and falls in officer numbers of 17,000 since 2010. 

He said further cuts of similar proportions would lead to:


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