More social workers, fewer police?

Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police has called for 'a new approach' in responding to vulnerable and missing teenagers. He emphasised the need to protect children, but questioned whether the police are best placed to do this, reports...

5 August 2015

Police Scotland reform was long overdue

The establishment of Police Scotland was a virtue born from necessity. The virtue was that at long last specialist services could be provided and similar standards delivered across the country. A...

Kenny MacAskill MSP
21 July 2015

The police deter crime like nurses deter illness

Our director, Richard Garside, was on The One Show on BBC One yesterday talking about the challenges faced by cuts in police budgets.

'There is no more deterrent from the police just being around,' Richard said, 'than if you have more nurses and people will be deterred from being ill'....

3 June 2015

Falling police numbers: The longer view

The claim by the Chair of the Police Federation, Steve White, that policing in England and Wales was 'on its knees' and could not face further cuts are overstated, I argued in...

Richard Garside
19 May 2015