Facial recognition software, more accurate, but fair?

The report from the Universities’ Police Science Institute provides welcome evaluation of the South Wales Police’s use of live facial recognition technology. Until today, the police were using...

Joe Purshouse
28 November 2018

Latest on the Undercover Policing Inquiry

Following revelations that undercover police officers infiltrated hundreds of political and justice campaigns in the UK, the government launched an Undercover Policing Inquiry in 2015.

26 March 2018

In conversation with Alex S Vitale

After Alex S Vitale's appearance at Conway Hall last week to launch his new book, The End of Policing, our Research Fellow Connor Woodman and Novara's Sam Swann discuss with Alex the role of police in society and ask what the alternatives might be.

23 March 2018

Christopher Alder: 20 years on

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the unlawful killing of Christopher Alder in a police station in Hull. 

20 March 2018

The failure of custody visiting in police stations

Custody in police stations is a very locked-down affair. People who have been arrested and are detained spend most of the time isolated in their cells. Custody visitors are the only outsiders who...

John Kendall
15 March 2018

The undercover policing of political protest

This briefing explores the police response to serious questions about the rationale, legitimacy and conduct of their undercover operations in political groups and protest movements, and the progress of the public inquiry into this matter
Helen Mills
24 October 2017

Racial bias and the problem of policing

A Prime Minister keen to show a commitment to tackling racism in the criminal justice system, while minimising the risk of having to deal with politically toxic findings, might well set up a...

Richard Garside
22 September 2017