Letter to party leaders urging reasoned public debate

Our Director, Richard Garside, is a signatory in a letter to party leaders across England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland calling for constructive discussion, debate and policies around criminal justice issues in the lead up to the general election. 

The signatories request that...

11 November 2019

Capitalism and penal policy

Richard Garside argues for the need to take seriously the relationship between penal regimes and wider social structures
cjm 74: Criminalisation

Welfare and punishment. The relationship between welfare spending and imprisonment

Professor David Downes and Dr Kirstine Hansen present a brief outline of findings from their research, which explores the relationship between welfare expenditure and levels of punishment. They begin by examining research on welfare spending and imprisonment rates across US states and replicate...
Professor David Downes and Dr Kirstine Hansen
17 November 2007

cjm 77: Exploring penal reform

This themed section has Jamie Bennett as the guest editor, examining strategies for reforming, and in some cases abolishing, different aspects of the criminal justice system. Contributors include US activist and academic Julia Sudbury and former prison governor David Wilson.