How accountable is Britain?

In 2013 the Centre held a joint conference with the University of Liverpool entitled 'How Corrupt is Britain?'. The event focused on corruption in policing, government and public institutions, and...

11 May 2015

How corrupt is Britain?

Liberal thought contends that the United Kingdom is a mature parliamentary democracy, with a House of Commons elected by universal suffrage that is subject to scrutiny and revision by a second...

27 March 2015

How corrupt is Britain?

Dr David Whyte of the University of Liverpool brings together a wide range of leading commentators and campaigners, offering a series of troubling answers, in his forthcoming book to be released on 20 March 2015 and published by...

18 February 2015

cjm 94: How corrupt is Britain?

The themed section of this issue, How corrupt is Britain?, is guest edited by David Whyte. The articles, based on a conference held at the University of Liverpool in May 2013, include David Beetham on rethinking the concept of corruption and offering a new definition; Joanna Gilmore and Waqas...
Criminal Justice Matters
22 November 2013

The normalisation of western fraud

Are you tired of yet another revelation of fraud in the food industry or the banks? Are you paying less attention to those stories? Are you getting numb, thinking more and more 'that's just how...

7 June 2013

How widely should we define corruption?

This intervention has been prompted by David Whyte's introductory paper to the recent Liverpool conference 'How corrupt is Britain?' He argues that we should not confine our conception of...

13 May 2013

How corrupt is Britain?

What is it we mean when we talk about 'corruption'? The World Bank's definition of corruption, probably the most widely used is simply 'the abuse of public office for private gain'. This is the...

30 April 2013

Holding the police to account

Police corruption has traditionally been conceptualised as an abuse of power and authority by individual officers. Such definitions have tended to result in a restrictive understanding of 'rogue'...