Police bail without charge – leaving suspects in limbo

When the police arrest a person on suspicion that they have committed a criminal offence, they can detain the suspect in a police station whilst they carry out an investigation, including by questioning the suspect.

16 October 2019

Professor Ed Cape

Ed Cape is a Professor of Criminal Law and Practice at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

A former criminal defence solicitor, he has a special interest in criminal justice, criminal procedure, police powers, defence lawyers and access to justice. He is the author of a leading practitioner text, Defending Suspects at Police Stations (6th edn., LAG, 2011), is a contributing author of the...
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After Brexit. Implications for the justice system

Yesterday we held a private roundtable on the implications of Brexit for the rights of suspects and defendants.

An engaged and knowledgeable audience heard from three speakers. Professor Ed Cape from the University of the West of England gave an overview of the procedural rights for suspects and defendants and the mutual cooperation in the European Union.

Jago Russell, Chief Executive of Fair...

22 February 2018

CDS Direct: Flying in the face of evidence

The universal right of all suspects to consult with a solicitor of their choice has been undermined by recent changes introduced by the government to the delivery of legal advice for those arrested...