Prison Service Journal

The Prison Service Journal is a peer reviewed journal published by HM Prison Service of England and Wales. Its purpose is to promote discussion on issues related to the work of the Prison Service, the wider criminal justice system and associated fields. It aims to present reliable information and a range of views about these issues.

It is hosted by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies following the re-structure of the Prison Service and the loss of the Prison Service website.

Any queries regarding the PSJ, back issues or editorial articles for forthcoming issues should be sent to The postal address for contact is:

Prison Service Journal
c/o Print Shop Manager
HMP Leyhill
GL12 8HL

September 2014 No: 215

The focus is on opening and closing of prisons.

July 2014 No.214.

Includes a focus on the prison and the public.

May 2014 No.213.

Includes a focus on improving services to prisoners to promote resettlement.

March 2014 No. 212.

Includes a focus on everyday prison governance in Africa.

January 2014 No. 211.

Includes a focus on contraction in an age of expansion.

November 2013 No. 210.

Includes a special focus on the prison and the public.

September 2013 No. 209.

Includes three articles on HMP Pentonville.

July 2013 No. 208

In this issue: a special focus on HMP Whatton.

May 2013 No. 207 

March 2013 No. 206