Richard Garside a signatory on Guardian Letters

Friday, 9 November 2018

Our Director, Richard Garside, is a signatory in a letter featured in The Guardian announcing the launch of a collaborative campaign to end child imprisonment in England and Wales.

The letter states: 

We have come together to say enough is enough. Later this month, in the House of Lords, we launch England’s first collaborative campaign to end child imprisonment. Children’s lives, wellbeing and rehabilitation are matters for the social welfare system. The minority of children who have to be detained for safety reasons should be looked after in places where all of their needs are met, and their rights protected. These establishments must be managed within our child welfare system, rather than the part of government responsible for adult imprisonment. We should indeed care more for children in trouble with the law.

Other signatories include Frances Crook from Howard League for Penal Reform, Deborah Coles from Inquest and Dr David Scott from The Open University. 

You can read the full letter here.