Joint Enterprise research wins award

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Centre is delighted to report that Becky Clarke and Patrick Williams have won a 2016 Knowledge Exchange Award at Manchester Metropolitan University for Dangerous Associations: Joint Enterprise, gangs and racism, commissioned and published by the Centre in January 2016.

The report formed part of the authors' response to a call by the House of Commons Justice Committee for a rigorous consideration of the possible relationship between the disproportionate application of collective punishments and the impact of joint enterprise on black and minority ethnic individuals and groups.

The report concludes that, for all its injustices, the process of joint enterprise prosecution is not intended to be discriminatory. But in practice, young black and ethnic minority people are disproportionately at the receiving end of a series of criminal justice practices, starting with the police gang databases and concluding with disproportionate joint enterprise conviction.

The Centre's Deputy Director Will McMahon said:

It is gratifying that the University chose to acknowledge the impact of such a challenging piece of work. Patrick and Becky had to overcome numerous obstacles to bring to public attention what the evidence demonstrated: the racism and injustice in the application of joint enterprise in the criminal justice system.