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Giving prisoners the vote is right, argues Richard Garside. But it far from the most pressing challenging affecting the prison system.


Contrary to complaints from some high profile figures, the police have done well out of the spending review, Richard Garside argues.


Crispin Blunt's spot of bother with Downing Street for suggesting that prisoners need hope tells us a lot about the current debate on prison reform, argues Richard Garside


Richard Garside argues that it is the way we organise society, not the levels of crime, that is the strongest influence on our prison numbers.


Richard Garside wrote the following article for a New Statesman special policy report on crime. The full report can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Don't expect the austerity agenda to deliver a smaller criminal justice system or penal moderation any time soon, argues Richard Garside


Richard Garside summarises the Centre's recently published pamphlet on young adults: From criminal justice to social justice.


Richard Garside reviews 'Punishing the Poor' by Loic Wacquant.


Richard Littlejohn, scourge of liberals and lefties everywhere, wrote a surprisingly thoughtful piece on Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, the killers of Jamie Bulger. Richard Garside reproduces it in this post.


Richard Garside highlights a Strategy Unit report claiming that the crime fall is mostly down to economic, not criminal justice, factors