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Richard Garside summarises the Centre's recently published pamphlet on young adults: From criminal justice to social justice.


Richard Garside reviews 'Punishing the Poor' by Loic Wacquant.


Richard Littlejohn, scourge of liberals and lefties everywhere, wrote a surprisingly thoughtful piece on Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, the killers of Jamie Bulger. Richard Garside reproduces it in this post.


Richard Garside highlights a Strategy Unit report claiming that the crime fall is mostly down to economic, not criminal justice, factors


Richard Garside takes a long-term look at levels of income inequality.


In a previous post I highlighted the selective reworking of a graph on inequality by the government. Now it’s the turn of the Conservative party to pull the same trick, in their new report, Labour’s Two Nations.


Alan Johnson has enjoyed a less than glittering career as Home Secretary. His impulsive dismissal of David Nutt as chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs cemented a reputation as a politician uninterested in research evidence.


I’ve previously posted on the recent report on inequality by the government-sponsored National Equality Panel (NEP). The report reworks a graph on income inequality to give a more favourable impression of trends. A large portion of total income inequality is also left unexplained by the report. This is so-called ‘residual inequality’.


Richard Garside highlights a new way to tackling income inequality: muck around with the graph.


Richard Garside discusses homicide trends and the reasons behind the long-term rise and recent fall.