Youth Justice

Rebalancing Youth Justice

Professor Rod Morgan, former chair of the Youth Justice Board, gave the final presentation in the 2006/2007 New Developments in Criminal Justice seminar lecture series. Professor Morgan highlighted that there has been a 26 per increase in the number of children dealt with by the youth justice system in the last three years. He concluded that criminalising children is 'often counter productive, and for that reason we need to think more about resorting to the criminalisation label less'.

Ten years of Labour's youth justice reforms: an independent audit

The government's wide ranging youth justice reforms have had no measurable impact on levels self-reported youth offending, according to an independent audit published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. Ten years of Labour's youth justice reforms: an independent audit  says that despite substantial investment in radically restructuring and expanding the youth justice system success has been far more mixed and ambiguous than the government says and claims of significant success are overstated.


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