Crime and victimisation: The big picture

Victims are heralded as valuable players in the arena of criminal justice, with more rights, a greater 'voice', and improved support services. The government aims to rebalance the criminal justice...

1 July 2006

Ethnicity, harm and crime: a discussion paper

Discussion papers from a roundtable discussion on ethnicity and social harm the Centre hosted in October 2008. The lead paper by Rebecca Roberts and Will McMahon is available for download, along with...
1 October 2008

Crime, persistent offenders and the justice gap

Crime, persistent offenders and the justice gap begins by outlining the problem of ‘attrition’ in the criminal justice system. Attrition refers to the gap between levels of known crime and the...
22 October 2004

The problems of everyday life

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is pleased to publish The problems of everyday life as part of the Whose Justice? project. Vicky Kemp, Pascoe Pleasence and Nigel Balmer of the Legal Services...
1 October 2007

Farepak victims speak out

Victims of the Farepak collapse are demanding compensation, better regulation and for key figures in Farepak to be held to account for their actions. Some 150,000 savers lost an estimated £50 million...
19 November 2007

Social harm and crime at a global level

Poverty kills, yet rarely seems to provoke the political and public outrage that conventional `crime' often does. In this What is crime? briefing Social harm and crime at a global level we publish an...
1 September 2009

cjm 85: Women, violence and harm

Academics and practitioners consider the range of harms perpetrated against women in an issue guest edited by Christina Pantazis. Somali Cerise and Holly Dustin argue that a criminal justice focus detracts from offering support. Stella Vickers and Paula Wilcox highlight their work with women who...
Criminal Justice Matters
6 September 2011

Crime, poverty and place

I have to start with a confession. I am a charlatan. I know a little about place, less about poverty, and very little about crime.

27 June 2006