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Probation reforms are sabotaging rehabilitation

The government's reforms of probation in England and Wales appear to be sabotaging, rather than transforming, the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners, our Director Richard Garside says today.

Richard was reacting to a new report by the Inspectorates of Probation and Prison on resettlement services for prisoners on short sentences. The report found that services were 'poor' and that 'there was little to commend' about them.

Richard said:

Comment on Justice and Home Secretary appointments

Commenting on the appointment of Liz Truss as Justice Secretary our Director, Richard Garside, said:

Liz Truss' predecessor, Michael Gove, seems destined to go down as the great prison reformer whose career was ended before he had time to disappoint prison reformers.

Regardless of the balance sheet on his time in office, the appointment of Liz Truss affords a welcome opportunity for a rethink of his plans for "Reform Prisons".

Hundreds of probation officers appeal against new jobs

With the onset of probation work being contracted out next year, 'hundreds' of probation officers are appealing against the jobs they have been given. This is set to increase as more staff are informed of changes to their jobs and location of work.

Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, said the number of appeals was a 'tiny fraction' of what he had expected, adding that the reforms were needed to cut costs and reduce reoffending, according to BBC News Online.

The House Magazine reviews probation plans

Our Director Richard Garside has written for a House Magazine policy review of the government's plans to privatise probation and introduce 'payment by results' (PbR).

Richard writes:

'Whether PbR will work in the terms the Government expects is impossible to tell. In his evidence to the Justice Committee, Chris Grayling said that PbR was “so obviously the right thing to do”. Sincere belief is not, however, a good substitute for evidence.'


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