Time to demolish Pentonville prison, Centre's director

The Director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, Richard Garside, today said that Pentonville Prison in North London should be demolished, with affordable housing for Londoners built in its place.

His comments follow another grim report by the Chief Inspector of Prisons, which found that prisoners were placed in filthy cells and that levels of violence had almost doubled in under two years.

Richard said:

Call for most prisoners to be held in open conditions

Our director Richard Garside appeared on Going Underground, Russia Today's UK current affairs programme, talking about absconding prisoners, electronic monitoring and criminal justice privatisation.

Richard argued that the vast majority of prisoners did not need to be held in high security conditions and that open prisons should be the rule rather than the exception.

He also said that far fewer people abscond from prisons in England and Wales now than was the case a decade ago.


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