Jeremy Corbyn: Holloway Prison must not become luxury flats

Jeremy Corbyn has said that he hopes to attend a march taking place in Holloway, this Saturday, calling on the government to build council housing rather than luxury flats on the site of HMP Holloway.

Speaking to the press, the Labour leader, in whose constituency the prison is based said...

12 May 2016

'No chance of success' for government prison policy

The Ministry of Justice’s plan to reduce the prison population through a reduction in reoffending 'has almost no chance of success', the former New York City corrections and probation director Michael Jacobson...

5 May 2016

Alternatives to Holloway

Rebecca Roberts, the Centre's Senior Policy Associate, has written about the closure of Holloway prison, drawing on the Alternatives to Holloway pamphlet published in 1972. She writes:

Some 44 years later and prison numbers have rocketed. In the 30 years leading up to

23 March 2016

Holloway redevelopment plan a 'public scandal'

Plans to replace Holloway prison with expensive housing, unaffordable to most Londoners, have drawn criticism. It is not the first controversy to have dogged the future of the Holloway site.

The current prison was built in the 1970s and 1980s, replacing the original nineteenth century...

27 February 2016

Holloway: The beginning of a revolution?

At this year’s Conservative party conference, Michael Gove apparently heralded in a new era for criminal justice reform. Prisons need to be managed better, he said. People in prison need to...

Rebecca Roberts and Claire Cain
10 December 2015

Current criminal justice policy and the legacy of coalition

I’m going to cover two areas in my talk this evening.

First, the criminal justice legacy left by the former coalition government. Being clear about where we have come from is important for...

Richard Garside
30 November 2015

Prison building 'short-sighted and contradictory'

The Chancellor, George Osborne, has set out his priorities for the Spending Review and identified the country's prisons 'as an example of one public service badly in need of reform'.

Mr Osborne called for a need to focus on rehabilitation and training  to be pursued by Justice...

9 November 2015